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Fertilizer solution by means of Copper with high assimilation and translocation power.

Prevents and corrects Copper deficiencies in all kind of crops.

activert cobre is a copper complex in organic manner with high penetration and translocation power. This is recommended as copper source in horticultural, citric, fruit crops of bone and nugget, olive tree, etc. Copper lack corrective for all the crops “Powerful bactericide”.

As we know, the copper has a good fungicide-bactericide preventive action, acting on a wide field of bacteria, fungi and seaweed, maintaining in addition a good persistence.
  Copper (Cu) water soluble: 4,8%

pH: 6,5
Density: 1,25 g/cc
Dose and directions of use
Crops Leaf application Fertirrigation

Tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon, water melon, bean

From 150 to 200 cc / 100 l of water.

From 6 to 10 L /Ha in one single application.

Apple tree, peach tree, pear tree, apricot tree, cherry tree, almond tree
800 to 1000 cc /100 litres of water.
(from 8 to 10 litres of product per hectare)

Autumn – Winter:
From 500 to 600 cc / 100 litres of water.
(from 2 to 3 litres of product per hectare)
CITRICS From 150 to 200 cc / 100 litres of water.
(from 3 to 4 litres of product per hectare)
OLIVE TREE 500 to 600 cc / 100 litres of water.
(from 5 to 8 litres of product per hectare)
5 L drum
Packing Units / Pallet
1L Bottle (box 12 x 1) 600 L
5L Drum (box 4 x 5) 640 L
10L Drum 600 L
activert cobreis catalogued as EC FERTILIZER, according to Regulation EC nº 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council, of 13 of October of 2003, regarding to the fertilizes.