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Solution of NP fertilizer with Molybdenum.

Enhances blooming and fruit setting in all kinds of crops.

Foliar application product with high assimilation and translocation.

activert sprint is formulated liquid with phosphorus and molybdenum, improved with the contribution of a seaweed extract and a vitamin complex.

In view of the action that the mentioned components perform on the plants, we are able to define activert sprint as an excellent product to enhances blooming and fruit setting on all kinds of crops

activert sprint is a product to be use preferably in foliar application, although we are able to use via radicular through any located irrigation system.
  Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5):
Soluble in water and ammonic citrate

Molydbenum (Mo):
Soluble in water
Enriched with an extract of soluble seaweed and a vitamin complex  
  pH: 6
Density: 1,33 g/cc
Crops Leaf application
Horticultural 150 a 250 cc /100 l of water.
Fruit trees 200 a 300 cc / 100 l of water.
Citrics 200 a 300 cc / 100 l of water.

5 L drum
Packing Units / Pallet
Bottle 1 L (box 12 x 1) 600 L
Drum 5 L (box 4 x 5) 640 L
activert sprintis catalogued as EC FERTILIZER, according to Regulation EC nº 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council, of 13 of October of 2003, regarding to the fertilizes.