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Special fertilizer rich in Potassium + EDTA quelating agent.

Soluble solid for leaf application and fertirrigation.

activert Super-K is a special fertilizer of immediate assimilation, where potassium, an EDTA quelating agent, and the ureic nitrogen are combined. This special feature causes that the product is especially effective at the moments of strong demand of POTASSIUM.

activert Super-K is a potassium source of immediate availability, whose use is very effective during the period from fattening, maturation and coloration of the fruits.
  Total nitrogen (N):
Ureic nitrogen:
  Potassium oxide (K2O):
Water soluble
  EDTA chelating agent:   10%
Dose and directions of use
Crops Recommended dose
FRUIT AND CITRIC TREES From 50 to 100g/tree.
VINEYARD From 60 to 100 Kg/Ha.
HORTICULTURE Begin the treatment 3-4 weeks before harvesting.
Repeat the treatment every 8-10 days if necessary.
ORNAMENTAL AND CUTTING FLOWER Perform the first application at the beginning of flowering.
Leaf application
From 200 to 300 grams per 100 litres of water.
Perform from 2 to 4 applications in the critic moments of the crop.
Packing Units / Pallet
10 Kg Box 720 kg
activert Super-Kis catalogued as EC FERTILIZER, according to Regulation EC nº 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council, of 13 of October of 2003, regarding to the fertilizes.