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  El mejor aporte de nutrientes

In order to optimize the production of the cultures it is necessary that the contribution of nutrients is the adapted one, assuring in addition that these are available to be able to be used by the plants.

Calcium and Magnesium are two essential secondary elements to the development of the plants:

Calcium (Ca) is necessary for the formation of the cellular walls and improves the resistance of the plant in front of illness.

Magnesium (Mg) is a part of chlorophyll molecule and is necessary for the sugars formation.

The micro-nutrients are necessary in small amounts, but they are extremely important due to they regulate infinity of essential metabolic processes for the growth of the plants.


Some of the regulated functions by these microelements are as follows:

Iron (Fe) takes part in the synthesis of the chlorophyll and regulates the mechanisms of the growth. It gives the taste to some fruits (avocado, apple, pineapple…)

Manganese (Mn) takes part in the regulation of other minerals, at             the same time it helps with the photosynthesis and assimilation of nitrates.

Copper (Cu)
is responsible for the metabolism of the plant, for        example in the setting of the fruits.

Zinc (Zn):
It acts as natural hormone that helps to the growth and leafiness of the plant. It is necessary for starches formation, as well as for the good development of the roots.

(Bo). It stimulates the flowering.

(Mo). It acts as locking device of the nitrogen.

nutrikel, our range of trace-elements correctors

nutrikel has been developed using last technologies which allows to have products that assure a direct contribution the nutrient in form totally available, to be uses by the plants at the moments of greatest necessity.

Solid products in form of micro-granules totally soluble in water:

nutrikel Fe 6% EDDHA
Fe EDDHA Orto-Orto: >3% ; >3,5% ; >4,2%

nutrikel premier Fe 6% EDDHA
Fe EDDHA Orto-Orto > 4,8%

nutrikel HS Fe 6% EDDHSA
Fe EDDHSA Orto-Orto > 3,5%

nutrikel complex
Chemical complex of EDTA chelated micro-elements + EDDHA:
Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo

nutrikel EDTA
nutrikel Fe 13% EDTA
nutrikel Cu 14% EDTA
nutrikel Zn 14% EDTA
nutrikel Mn 13% EDTA
nutrikel Ca 14% EDTA
nutrikel Mn/Zn EDTA

Liquid products:

nutrikel boro

nutrikel Ca

nutrikel Mn 6% / Zn 8%

nutrikel molibdeno