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  nuterplant suprême
It's an extensive range of soluble in water fertilizers that it has been specially studied to cover all the technical and economic requirements of the professionals, in crops that have located or traditional irrigation.

nuterplant suprême
It offers to each fruit farmer, horticulturist, flower farmer, nurseryman, etc. formulations with the maximum concentration perfectly balanced in primary, secondary elements and chelated trace-elements by EDTA. The total and fast solubility of each formulation provide to the user the greater comfort and the best results.
To make use of nuterplant suprême, allows the fertilization regulation to the needs of each crop in its different development cycles with the maximum optimization and effectiveness, when combine the essential characteristics of a fertilizer for fertirrigation:

It’s made with raw material of the best quality, which makes sure that their components are totally soluble in water to avoid stopping of the irrigation systems.

Free of injurious and harmful elements for the crops such as chlorides, sodium, etc.

It does not contain carbonates, from what avoid the formation of precipitates.

All the formulations are of acid reaction, to avoid the calcification formation and stopping of the irrigation transmitters.