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Concentrated liquid of high-grade free amino acids.

In order to apply by foliar and fertirrigation.

nutrivert AA-30 is an amino acids concentrate, made by a modern process of hydrolysis of natural proteins that permits to obtain a product with a high content in free amino acids, biologically actives.

nutrivert AA-30 is taken fast and directly by the plant, which is able to synthesize the proteins without needs of having to use energy in the metabolic process that transform inorganic nitrogen in amino acids. This means energy savings for the plant with the benefit of a major activity vegetative, flowering, setting and ripening of the fruits.

The characteristics principals of
nutrivert AA-30 are as follows:

• It helps the flowering and the curdled.
• It increases the calibre and the production.
• It improves the quality of the crop.
• It unblocks and improves the transport of macro and trace-elements.
• It increases the resistance of the plants in view of adverse factors.
• It stimulates the enzymatic activity of the plant.
• Major sticking on the surface of the leaves due to the high viscosity.
  Free amino acids:
Total Nitrogen (N): 9%  
  Amoniacal Nitrogen:
Organic Nitrogen:
Total Organic Matter: 30%  
pH: 4,5
Density: 1,1 g/cc
Leaf application
From 200 to 300 cc.  per 100 litres of  water.

5 L drum
Root application
Localized irrigation: From 4 to 10 litres per hectare and treatment.
Packing Units/Pallet
Bottle of 1 L. (box 12x1) 600 L
Drum of 5 L.  (Box   4x5) 800 L
Drum of 20 L 900 L
Barrel of 1000 L 1000 L

1 L bottle