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Humid acids.
100% with leonardite.

Organic-humic amendment.

nutrivert húmicos is a liquid concentrate of Humic and Fulvic Acids, extracted from Leonardite, formulated to be applied to the soil through any localized or traditional irrigation system, with the purpose of increasing the level of HUMUS of this one, improving the assimilation of the others nutrients.

Main advantages of
nutrivert húmicos:

• Increase the HUMUS level of the ground.
• Improves the physical structure of the soil and its water retention capacity.
• Enhance cationic Exchange capacity.
• Acts as a natural chelating agent avoiding nutrients blocking thus promoting the plant assimilation.
• Neutralizes alkaline and acid soils adjusting pH.
• Stimulates enzymes of the plant and increases his production.
• Enhances the growth and the proliferation of beneficial micro-organisms of the soil.

nutrivert húmicos is recommended in horticultural crops, fruit trees, citrus, grapevine, subtropical, cutting flower, etc...
  Humic Total  Extract and Humic Acids:
15 %
  Humic Acids:
Fulvic Acids:
nutrivert húmicos is applied dissolved in the irrigation water,  through anyone of the localized o traditional irrigation system.
Crops Dose
Horticultural 40 to  60 l / He
Fruit trees 30 to 50 l / He
Citrus 30 to 50 l / He
Grapevine 30 to 40 l / He
Subtropical 30 to 50 l / He
Cutting Flower 40 to 50 l / He

20 L drum
Packing Units / Pallet
5L Drum 800 L
20L Drum 900 L
1.000L Drum 1000 L