Fertilex Internacional
Peats and Substrates
Peats and Sphagnum substrates for professionals
  A suitable product for each culture

In FERTILEX INTERNACIONAL our main objective is to be able to supply to professional cultivators products with high quality, elaborated with the best raw materials.

Important producing companies which support to us, have the most modern technology and long experience in the operation and transformation of the sphagnum peat.

All our wide range of peats and substrates that commercializes with the mark florava is subject during the manufacture process to exhaustive quality controls, with the objective of being able to offer to the cultivators the maximum security and guarantee, that will allow them to have the best results in any type of culture.

To be always in the van, the basis of the success

Our Peats and Substrates florava are continuously put   under investigation and experimentation tests, in collaboration with the centres that have advanced facilities. The result is to be able to offer progressive technological innovation products that places to us to the vanguard in the market..

Our experience and flexibility allow to us to supply to all the significant world-wide markets, by land or sea, any of our products in all the best conditions and punctuality.